Is the End of the Superhero-Movie Era Upon Us?

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François Duhamel / Warner Bros. Pictures / AP

Blake Lively, left, and Ryan Reynolds are shown in a scene from "The Green Lantern."

It looks like Superman can do everything except pull in an audience.

Experts have predicted a decline in interest for superhero movies, according to Deadline New York. Vasily Karayov, who analyzes the media industry for Susquehanna Financial Group, has said that we are approaching “the death of superheroes.”

There has been an abundance of successful superhero movies in the 21st century, from the hugely successful and critically well-received Spider-Man movies (let’s all assume Spider-Man 3 isn’t included), to Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies.

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Karasyov argues that popularity of the thriving superhero movies was due to the astonishing advances in special effects that took place 10 years ago. Think of it this way — the Broadway version of the Spider-Man series was critically panned and resulted in a number of injuries, including one stunt double breaking his wrists. Evidently, CGI flying is not only more fun to watch, but also safer.

With another Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Amazing Spider-Man causing serious buzz, it seems that studios are ignoring the alleged “growing risks” that Karasyov predicts for investors. So fans shouldn’t fret just yet.