A Brew for the Better Half: Molson Coors To Launch Ladylike Beer

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Molson Coors UK

Want your woman to put down the white wine spritzer or cosmopolitan and suck down a classic hops-brewed beverage? This probably won’t help.

Animée. Even its name evokes an aura of femininity – and that’s exactly who Molson Coors hopes will gravitate toward the beverage. To be released in the U.K. this fall, Molson Coors is seeking to strike out the gender imbalance within the beer-drinking crowd, following their research that showed only 17% of its sales were to women. A girly beer – sounds good in theory, right?

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At first glance, the brew sports a decorative label that’s easy on the eyes, sans the bold colors of your classic red-labeled Budweiser or blue-wrapped Miller bottles. Molson Coors is catering to the strictly female crowd with a pleasant, rose-toned bottle – filled with suds of the same color. To make it appealing to the female crowd, it has to be pink?

Well, if you’re not lured in by eye candy alone, let’s look at what’s inside the Animée bottle. Pop the top and you’ll note a unique concoction – frankly, we’re not even sure you can call it beer. The company notes that it comes in three different varieties. OK, so they have an IPA, a wheat beer and an ale, right? Hardly. Molson Coors lists Animée’s flavors as: clear filtered, crisp rosé, and zesty lemon. That’s hardly a departure from the fruity malty beverages and wine coolers the company wants women to put down. And frankly, the addition of any of those flavors seems to be a perilous addition to the four simple ingredients that make up most beers.

But what do we know? Perhaps the estrogen-fueled crowd will gravitate toward a brew specifically marketed to them. And if it’s truly terrible, there’s a female equivalent of bros icing bros in order.

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