A Battle of Manliness: Fabio Challenges Isaiah Mustafa to Old-Spice Online Duel

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Look at your Old Spice Guy. Now look at Fabio. Now look at the YouTube viewer count. Too many views? Maybe. Still awesome? Oh, yes.

Fabio, best known for lending his portrayal to many a romance novel, challenged the “Old Old Spice Guy” Isaiah Mustafa to an online duel via YouTube videos, called “Mano a Mano In El Baño.” And Old Old Spice Guy agrees with you: “This may in fact be the greatest Internet duel of all time.”

Fabio, the New Old Spice Guy, starred in some commercials for Old Spice’s line of men’s shower products, while the location of Old Old Spice Guy was unknown (turns out, you should thank him for solving the NFL lockout after he left). But Fabio probably got too much shampoo in his ears to hear the calls for the return of Old Old Spice Guy.

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Fabio issued a challenge to Old Old Spice Guy in a YouTube video mimicking/mocking Old Old Spice Guy versions of commercials. With Old Old Spice Guy’s acceptance and rules, the two began to post videos that smelled so good, ladies around the world swooned simultaneously. Responding to comments on Twitter from viewers, including a contest of who wrote the best love letter, the two engaged in a rather epic staring contest. Turns out, Fabio couldn’t stand up to Old Old Spice Guy’s tricks.


The winner will be chosen by counting up the number of likes, tweets, votes, etc. on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and such. NewsFeed did not vote in order to maintain journalistic neutrality. If necessary, we think this guy will prove to be a fitting arbiter.

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