Only in Australia: Kangaroo Pepper Sprayed After It Attacks Elderly Woman

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A big red kangaroo punched and kicked a 94-year-old Australian woman in her backyard.

Phyllis Johnson was hanging laundry when a kangaroo emerged out of the drape on the clothesline and knocked her to the ground. She tried to defend herself with a broomstick but ended up crawling inside the house where her son called the police.

“I thought it was going to kill me,” Johnson told the Courier-Mail. “Not even the dog would help, it was too frightened.”

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The frantic kangaroo even lunged at the two policemen when they arrived, Senior-Sergeant Steven Perkins of Charleville said.  The officers had no choice but to subdue the agitated animal with capsicum spray in order to avoid injury. After being sprayed, the kangaroo retreated to the forest but was trapped by wildlife rangers. It is currently being examined by a vet.

“It is one of the many unusual calls we get out here,” Perkins told the Australian newspaper. The spray is sometimes used to control restless dogs but never on a kangaroo before.  “Big reds” are one of largest Australian kangaroo breeds. A male can be more than 176 pounds and almost 5 feet tall.

Johnson, an Outback native, who grew up watching boxing kangaroos and fed pet kangaroos next door until recently, is recovering from bruises and cuts at a local hospital.

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