‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Injured While Chasing a Burglar

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Jerod Harris / American Media / Getty Images

We’ll take “Crime-Fighting Super Heroes” for $200, Alex.

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has revealed that he suffered an injury while chasing a burglar out of his hotel room on Tuesday.

The 71-year-old made the somewhat startling revelation at the National Geographic World Championship in San Francisco. He was seen hobbling on crutches up the disabled-access ramp, which alerted the room that all was not well. But he soon put everyone at ease with his explanation, which almost inevitably had to reference the iconic game show he’s known for around the world.

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“I deal with answers and questions,” Trebek started out by saying. “And today I’m going to start with the answer to a question I suspect is on many of your minds right now. The answer is ‘At 2:30 yesterday morning, chasing a burglar down the hall … until my Achilles tendon ruptured and I fell in an ignominious heap, bruising my other leg in the process.”

Trebek didn’t discuss the incident any further, other than to confirm that he’s doing fine and surgery is expected to take place this Friday. But our corporate partners at CNN continued to do some digging and got in touch with the San Francisco Police Department, who revealed further details in response to their inquiries.

While the police report doesn’t identify Trebek or his wife, it does confirm that one of the victims was awoken by movement in the room and proceeded to give chase “as a suspect left with stolen personal items.” The other victim informed hotel security, who detained the suspect. The suspect has been identified as 56-year-old Lucinda Moyers (as well as by both the victims) and was arrested by police and charged with both burglary and receiving stolen property.

NewsFeed wishes Trebek well, but won’t be surprised if this incident crops up as a question on rival quiz shows in the future.

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