Reading While Eating for July 28: Soulful Melodies

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Eric Gaillard / Reuters

Thousands of padlocks clipped by lovers onto the railings of the Pont des Arts bridge over the River Seine are seen during summer holidays in Paris

Thursday’s links take you from cushy prisons to picturesque villages. Join us, won’t you?

Prison or Hotel? If Anders Breivik is convicted of carrying out the Norway twin terrorist attacks, he could end up in this prison — which is the most humane (and cushy) in the world. (TIME)

Hard Bargain: Stock up on these for Black Friday discounts — you can now buy brass knuckles with hooks to hold a shopping bag. (Gizmodo)

Village People: Escape from your work desk and take a mini-vacation — at least by looking at these shots of magnificent mountain towns. (LIFE)

Sign of the Times: Add this to the list of things threatened by new technology: Sign language, or at least teaching it in schools. (New York Times)

Luscious Lashes: These false eyelashes are intricate and made from paper. Would you dare wear them to the office? (The Daily What)

Pretty Impressive: Actress Evan Rachel Wood manages to turn a Justin Bieber ditty into a soulful anthem during a karaoke session. (Vulture)

Viral Video: Musician Chad Dela Cruz took the songs made iconic from Pixar melodies, and played them in this delightful mashup. (Have You Seen This)