Reading While Eating for July 29: Want to Fight About It?

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Nikolay Korchekov / Reuters

People rest near fountains, with the air temperature at about 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit, in Moscow on July 28, 2011

Friday’s links are all about squabbles, from canine disagreements to a music-video list worth arguing over.

Science Snafu: This Fox News anchor really should have known better than to cross Bill Nye, the Science Guy. (The Daily What)

Internet Killed the Video Star: From a claymation Peter Gabriel to treadmill-dancing OK Go, see the 30 best music videos of the past 30 years. (TIME)

Cooking Class: El Bulli, hailed as the world’s best restaurant, is closing its doors this week. Take a sneak peek at a documentary about the culinary legend. (Gizmodo)

Haunting Images: Take a harrowing look at the victims of the recent massacre in Norway. (LIFE)

Daily Dose of Cute: Watch two dogs have a very vocal disagreement. The captions are hardly even necessary. (Best Week Ever)

Pumped Up: Need motivation to get through your work day? Watch the ultimate mashup of mirror inspirational speeches. (FilmDrunk)