First Look: A Day in the Life of Boo, Facebook’s Most Popular Dog

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Courtesy of Chronicle Books

How does a dog with 1.4 million Facebook fans celebrate signing a book deal? With a surprise party, of course, complete with cupcakes.

Boo has firmly nestled himself into our hearts, driven by his rise as a bonafide Internet sensation. (What can we say, we can’t resist his tiny T-shirts and teddy-bear face.)

And now, we’ll be able to enjoy a dose of the 5-year-old Pomeranian in print, with a book dedicated to showcasing all of his favorite things, such as lounging around, playing with friends and exploring the whole wide world.

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Hey, that sounds like a pretty good life to us. But as writers, we know that making a book is not all fun and games — it only is just some of the time.

Chronicle Books has provided NewsFeed with an exclusive look into the making of Boo’s debut picture book, Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog, to be released mid-August. We admit that in this case, Boo seems to be enjoying all the perks of being a published author, but really none of the pains.

But who can blame him? If we were Boo’s publishers, we’d cater to him too.

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