British Civil Servants’ Favorite Websites? Medieval Role Play and Bellydancing

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Jamie Grill / Getty Images

Do you Facebook at work? How prosaic. Britain’s government workers are surfing medieval role play and belly dancing sites.

When they’re not doing the work of Her Majesty’s Government, Britain’s civil servants frequent some rather unusual websites while at work, according to the Department for Transport, which revealed the 1,000 sites most visited by its employees.

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Alongside monitoring live cricket scores and indulging the occasional online shopping spree, civil servants visited the misleading-titled — which ranks Members of Parliament in order of attractiveness — 21,477 times over a five month period. Even more popular, with 27,634 visits, is a medieval role play site called, which invites visitors to enter “Caledonia, home of the bears” and “conduct yourself as a bear would” while walking “amongst goblins, elves and dwarves.”

Last but not least, government workers paid 3,170 visits to the website of a London company that offers private belly dance lessons. It turns out good manners are even more important than gyrating skills for the “Yes, Minister” crowd, however. The 115th most popular site is, a forum for polite people to rant about their uncivilized counterparts.

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