Entourage Recap: The Diceman Returns and Ari Takes On Bobby Flay

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“Well if it isn’t the balding Kentucky Fried Chicken.” With that line, Andrew Dice Clay announced his presence on the second episode of Entourage‘s final season. The biggest question is, how long will he stay?

When we left the boys last week, the crew finally built up enough confidence to tell Vince that his rehab-inspired idea for a fluff film just wouldn’t work on the big screen. The only problem was, seconds before that revelation, Turtle hastily tossed a lit joint into a closed window. The drapes caught fire, and then the house did too. But hey, this is Entourage, so not only were there zero repercussions about drug use and immense property damage, but the boys simply relocated to a gigantic suite at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel; (Though strangely it wasn’t mentioned, this is the same hotel where Vince had his cocaine-fueled meltdown at the end of last season. Because that’s a minor detail, right?)

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The second episode hit on all cylinders, pushing the story along, and giving shape to a road map to the conclusion. Drama’s cartoon show “Johnny Goes Bananas” has all the makings of a hit, including casting Andrew Dice Clay as Drama’s co-star. One of the biggest stand-up comics of the 1980s, the Diceman was famous for his foul-mouthed take on Mother Goose nursery rhymes delivered wearing head-to-toe-leather and holding a burning cigarette. He disappeared for a few years (actually the better part of a decade), so Diceman wasted no time in trying to join the entourage for more than just a guest appearance. Diceman signed with E’s management company and spent the rest of the episode tagging along for the ride.

Speaking of E, we were treated last night to a small rekindling of E’s on again, off again, engagement, then flameout with Sloan. This author, and pretty much all if his friends, have always thought that Sloan was way too good for E. She’s too smart, too gorgeous, too good a person, and E should have put a ring on it years ago at his first opportunity. E did propose in the final episode of season 6, but the engagement imploded late last season as E was trying his best to save Vince. So far this final season, E and Sloan’s relationship has been confined to a series of angry phone messages because he refused to get his crap out of Sloan’s house. When he finally did return for his things, ta-da! E and Sloan slept together and there was an awkward “what the hell just happened?” look before Sloan bolted from the bed. When they finally talked about it on the phone, Sloan told E that she’s moving to New York, and she hopes they can talk sometime.

Here’s our prediction: At the end of the season, E will leave L.A. and follow Sloan to New York. He may keep managing Vince’s career from the Big Apple, but as I said, Sloan is way too good for E, and he’ll have to give something up if he wants her.

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Our parallel plot this week was Ari’s attempt to find out who his estranged wife has been seeing. Ari’s former assistant, Lloyd, who’s now become his smartest agent, revealed to Ari that he spotted Mrs. Ari at Bobby Flay’s restaurant. The only problem: Mrs. Ari despises Flay’s. Ari is so incensed at the prospect of his wife dating a waiter/wannabe actor that he tracks the suspect down and effectively ruins his career. Ari, in addition to being a jerk, is very smart and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. When Ari found out that Mrs. Ari wasn’t seeing a waiter, but rather celebrity chef Bobby Flay himself, he turned his sights on the culinary king.

There are plenty of questions to ponder this week: Will Turtle lose Alex to her new found fame as model? Will the Diceman blow “Johnny Goes Bananas” by asking for more money? Will Lloyd finally get to run the agency’s T.V. department? Will we see a guest appearance by the star of “Boy Meets Grill?” Only six and a half days to wait.

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