Loose Cash Found Roadside Gives Ohio City a $21,000 Payday

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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it did seem to accumulate on the side of a road in Ohio—$21,000 worth.

According to the Associated Press, the authorities in Delaware, Ohio announced this morning that the total amount of money they collected from the side of U.S. Route 23 in March of this year totaled a whooping $21,000.

In early March, the police were notified by a driver that there were many loose bills on the side of the highway.  It took officials hours to clean up when they arrived on site and the AP reported that Delaware city Police Chief, Russ Martin, said that the field next to the highway looked as if it were growing money.

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Originally, the cops did not disclose the amount of money, in the event that someone would try to claim it.  They also sent inquiries to the FBI, banks, and an armored car facility, but none said that they were missing any cash.

However, after five months, police have disclosed the five-digit amount, which will now be put into the city’s general fund.

What are they going to do with the money? Although city officials have not yet disclosed what they will allocate the money toward, one wouldn’t be surprised if Delaware has the best fireworks display around come next year’s Independence Day.