Reading While Eating for August 2: True or False

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Satsuko Yatsuzaka, 84, holds a therapeutic robot named Paro at the Suisyoen retirement home, 19 miles south of the tsunami-crippled nuclear plant in Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture, July 28, 2011

Tuesday’s links feature fake romance, fake friendships and an oddly real version of pinball.

Helium Couture: Sure, Kate Middleton looked lovely in her wedding gown. But one British woman upstaged her by recreating the dress with 5,000 balloons. (Daily Mail)

Romance Ruminations: Do you have unrealistic expectations when it comes to love? Blame Fabio. (Healthland)

False Friends: Facebook friendships can’t replace real ones. One writer proves it by creating three fake birthdays, and being flooded with well-wishers each time. Whoops. (Slate)

Cause Celeb: In a much buzzed-about clip, actor Matt Damon passionately defends public-school teachers – and throws around an expletive or two while doing so. (BuzzFeed)

Star-Spangled Standout: Want to blend in on a European vacation? Don’t do these things. (LIFE)

What a Game: Pinball is a lot more fun when it involves actual people instead of blinking lights. (The Daily What)