First-World Problems: Italian Prison Forbids Mobsters Their Prada

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The new governor of a Palermo jail famous for its designer-clad inmates is issuing a ban on high-end fashion labels. (via Guardian)

“The popular image of this jail is linked to the silk suits of godfathers and we need to cancel that image,”┬áRita Barbera told the La Stampa newspaper. “We need to cancel class differences and the showing off of status, power and wealth.” But it’s not the prisoners who’ve expressed frustration so far. One inmate’s wife said, “My husband will be left naked.”

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Uncciardone jail is known for affording its prisoners a lush atmosphere. And forgoing their Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton duds won’t be the only extravagance prisoners will have to give up. One mobster reportedly hosted a champagne and lobster dinner for his birthday recently. But from now on, he’ll have to leave his Prada and Moet at the door.

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