‘Two and a Half Men’ Funeral: Series Premiere Includes Demise of Charlie Sheen’s Character

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Rick Wilking / Reuters

Can you say creepy?

After the very public feud earlier this year between CBS’s Two and a Half Men execs and star Charlie Sheen (I’m sure you remember hearing something about it), there was a dramatic parting of ways. And after Sheen’s series of headline-grabbing behavior, it’s a safe bet that many people on the show were relieved to see him go. However, as they say, the show must go on and Two and a Half Men writers and producers had to then figure out a way to keep their hit show going, minus its notorious star. Well, it seems like they’ve figured out a way to write Charlie Harper (played by Sheen) dramatically out: by killing him.

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Deadline reports that the ninth season series will kick off with character Charlie Harper’s funeral and the selling of his house. This scenario provides the perfect opportunity to not only introduce Ashton Kutcher’s new character (who, as a buyer of his house, will be replacing Sheen in more ways than one), but also for the show’s execs to permanently write Sheen out of their lives, even if only symbolically.

However, while it’s not unusual to kill characters off of TV shows, doesn’t it strike anyone else as particularly grotesque to play out the death of a character who was so closely mirrored after Sheen — especially in light of Sheen’s erratically destructive behavior?

It hasn’t been announced yet exactly how TV Charlie will bite the dust — the script is under heavy, top-secret lockdown — but here’s hoping that the producers won’t do anything too tasteless. Though, considering the show’s original storyline revolved around a slick (and celebrated) womanizing alcoholic, we don’t have too much faith.

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