After Public Uproar, Chinese City Cancels Upcoming Dog Ban

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Claro Cortes / Reuters

A protester holds up a sign during a rally against the new "one-dog policy" in Beijing

Update: According to a statement from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Jiangmen has canceled the upcoming ban on dogs after citizens pressured city officials. Full story below.

Furry friends have got to go in one Chinese city.

Beginning on August 10, residents of Jiangmen, China will no longer be permitted to keep canines in the wake of new, and for the providence unprecedented, legislation.

The dog ban came in the form of a declaration titled, “The Notice on Strengthening the Management of Dogs” which was issued by the city of Jiangmen’s five departments and bureaus of public security, agriculture, urban comprehensive management, health, and industry and commerce, reports China Daily.

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The declaration mandates that between the dates of August 10 and August 25, dog owners relinquish the animals, either to be adopted by rural residents or to be euthanized, NPR writes.  NPR also reports that any owner who desires to keep their dog need submit an application for a license.  A license which will only be granted to provide security for businesses specifically dealing with valuables.

A Jiangmen police officer explained to China Daily,  “Our aim is not to kill all the dogs in the city’s urban areas, but we hope to create a better environment for the city by banning the keeping of dogs.”

This declaration has been met with some disagreement among locals.  One such resident told China Daily, “That is not fair to the city’s dog owners and foes not respect life.”  He added, “The appropriate departments should introduce detailed regulations to guide residents in keeping dogs and grant them certificates, instead of simply banning dogs.”

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