‘Mark By Mark Zuckerberg’ Fashion Line Parodies the Facebook Founder’s Wardrobe

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George Frey / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg sports a zip-up hoodie during an event at Brigham Young University on Friday, March 25, 2011.

He’s been confirmed by GQ as the worst dressed man in Silicon Valley. We should all avoid dressing like him, right? But one website makes it oh-so-tempting.

We’re counting our blessings that the 27-year-old Zuck hasn’t launched a fashion line (yet), but leave it to some clever Internet-dwellers to fill that niche. Mark by Mark Zuckerberg is a faux fashion line riffing off Zuck’s favorite garments. While the site is nothing new, seeming to have been launched in December 2010, Mark by Mark Zuckerberg is finding a revival given the Facebook founder’s confirmed fashion-failure status.

The funnymen at On & True have compiled the sartorial standards that Zuckerberg has been known to frequent. When you’re worth $13.5 billion, you can wear whatever you want, right? And the Facebook founder seems unwilling to part with his college days, forever adopting a dorm-room friendly style of dress. Behold some of the site’s options:

The site showcases Zuckerberg’s faltering fashion choices, from his signature navy bathrobe (presumably to go along with those flannel pajama pants), to his beloved Adidas slip-on sandals. Plain white socks and elastic jeans – which we didn’t know still existed for people over the age of 12 – help complete the style which could be best described as “apathetic.”

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And because sometimes the brand is the fashion, the site notes, they’re offering bland, baggy t-shirts and college-style hoodies with the swanky logo splashed across the chest. All items are most certainly for sale, but they won’t require a visit to a fancy boutique. Many of the items are available through the depressingly bland Amazon.com.

If anything, Zuckerberg’s fashion failings prove a well-padded bank account can’t buy fashion sense. But his loss is our gain: indeed, a modest bank account can buy the same sartorial sense as a billionaire.

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