How to Win Paul McCartney’s Heart in Five Easy Steps

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Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

Since Sir Paul McCartney announced his engagement to M.T.A. executive Nancy Shevell, people have wanted to know how the couple got together. Including the New York Observer.

Taking a cynical look at one half of the happy couple, the paper’s article “How Trucker-Girl Nancy Shevell Became Lady McCartney” profiles Shevell and recounts how she managed to snag her guy. (Terms such as “engineered” and “shrewd moves” are used to describe the courtship from Shevell’s end.)

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So if you, like the Observer, want to take a loveless look at the couple’s relationship, here are the five tricks alluded to in the article which anyone could use to worm their way into McCartney’s heart:

1) Make sure to wear daughter Stella’s designs often and with “panache” : If you’re in with the kids — not to mention the fashion world — you’re in with Sir Paul. This step is relatively easy to master (Stella McCartney has some beautiful designs) though it’s also supremely transparent. Shevell, however, seems adept at the “panache” part.

2) Avoid acting like She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named (aka Heather Mills): Everyone knows McCartney had a nasty (and expensive) split from former model Mills, so doing everything in your power not to remind him of his ex should be a given. Shevell played it well: she “took a page from the old regime and made sure not to make the same mistakes.”

3) Make sure you don’t get too much media attention: The former Beatle has long lived under the microscope of fame; you’ll want to abstain from the limelight so you’ll seem like a refreshing change. Shevell has reportedly eschewed photographers and didn’t even want the Observer article to be written about her in the first place.

4) Be willing to pay your own way: Don’t assume that being with an extraordinarily wealthy man means a free ride. According to the Observer‘s unnamed source, Shevell always paid for her own plane tickets as McCartney “is famously stingy.”

5) Be ready to relocate: When you’re with one of the most famous men on earth, you’ve got to be willing to uproot. Shevell has reportedly said she’d “love to live here in New York but that they would most likely wind up in England.” A big move and even despite the fact that McCartney’s Sussex estate is “no palace.” Now that’s true love, right?

Then again, if you’re a lover of love and believe these two crazy kids might just have a shot (just like NewsFeed thinks), ignore all these love tips. And maybe watch a romantic comedy or two as an antidote. (If you’re still cynical, plenty more details can be found at the Observer.)

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