Wednesday Words: Twitter Talk, Movie Catchphrases and More

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David McGlynn

Welcome to NewsFeed’s weekly highlight of our vocabulary — including useful, new, hilarious and surprising words (as well as some that are just fun to roll off the old tongue).

Symbol speak: “double hashtag buck”

On a recent episode of So You Think You Can Dance, judge Lil C said a routine was “double hashtag buck,” and had the courtesy to explain what he meant to the audience: “When I tweet [and] I really want to put emphasis and intensity on something, I put a hashtag on it. This routine was buck. But it was double hashtag buck.” As in, “That routine was ##buck.” You can watch him deliver the line here, around the 2:40 mark.

Back to basics: For those of you who still aren’t clear as to whether his comment was an insult or praise, to get buck can mean to get wild, in a good way and particularly when things have been less exciting beforehand. (See Southern rapper Young Buck’s single “Get Buck.”) Lil C gave his own, more poetic, definition in a previous episode, saying buck was “when internal artistry meets external expression.”

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Highlighted trend: elderly plastic surgery

A recent New York Times article profiled the “many septuagenarians, octogenarians and even nonagenarians who are burnishing their golden years with help from the plastic surgeon.” Some experts said that it’s not necessarily riskier for older people to undergo the procedures, because complications are more related to one’s “physiologic age” than one’s numerical age. Which means, if you really take care of yourself, you could still be getting facelifts in your nineties.

Age and beauty: Another trend in the world of plastic surgery has a similarly disquieting ring to it. A “mommy makeover” is what some call a post-pregnancy package in which the woman gets liposuction, breast surgery and a tummy tuck. At least it sounds better than the “Teenage Turnaround.”

Potential catchphrase: “Caesar is home.”

New York Magazine suggests that this line, taken from the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes, might get adopted by the masses. (Note: Spoiler alert.) Caesar is a talking ape leading an animal uprising, and this is his final line, which he uses to explain why he won’t be returning to human civilization and his scientist father-figure. He’ll be sticking with the simians, thank you very much. NYM‘s suggested usages: When you actually get home, when you’re in a club and you’re friends are trying to make you leave early, when you’re at the zoo looking at gorillas.

Alternative lines: Others are already predicting that the movie catchphrase next summer will be “You sank my battleship,” from the film Battleship, a movie based on the board game. While these both seem like contenders with potential, it’s hard to imagine them joining the ranks of true catchphrases. Competition to consider: “Are you not entertained?!”, “Houston, we have a problem,” “I’ll be back,” and perhaps most damningly, “Honey, I’m home.”

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