Four Things Kate Moss’s Wedding Had That Yours (Probably) Didn’t

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Neil Mockford/ Getty Images

Jamie Hince kisses his new bride Kate Moss as their bridesmaids look on.

Kate Moss wed Jamie Hince on July 1, and according to the just-released wedding photos from Vogue, it was one opulent ceremony.

While it’s not exactly a secret that Moss is accustomed to the finer things in life, the details found in Vogue‘s article and in the photos’ captions really drive home the fact that the lifestyles of the rich and famous are very, very different from NewsFeed’s (and, we’re guessing, yours).

So we’ve noted just a few ways in which Kate Moss’s Big Day wasn’t anything like your Big Day. Sorry in advance.

Kate had:

1) A fabulously named wedding party: You might argue that you had some pretty adorable flower girls and elegant bridesmaids in your wedding party, and we’re sure you did. But did your wedding party boast names like Ella de la Falaise, Mercy Magic Cutler, Bliss Ferguson, Lila Grace Moss, Etta Cutler Lindegren, Blythe Ferguson, Alfie Watters, Elfie Ferguson, Iris Law, and Poppy Spaceman? We didn’t think so.

2) A custom designed gown by John Galliano: The designer has understandably gotten a bad rap as of late, but he managed to put aside his problems to make his good friend one amazing gown. A gown that was “spangled with tiny golden paillettes” and had a skirt that was “symbolically licked with the beaded plumes of a mythical phoenix”.

3) Sir Paul McCartney as a guest: We have a feeling that the former Beatle wasn’t there for your Big Day. Not to mention the myriad other celebrities Moss had as guests. Call it a hunch.

4) Teepees for children guests to play in: There’s almost a zero-percent chance you provided teepees to occupy the children attending your wedding. Mostly because, why would you?

Don’t feel too bad. We’re sure you day was lovely. (You can see the rest of the fabulous wedding details at Vogue.)

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