‘That Picture Was a Terrible Mistake’: Jane Fonda Sits Down for 10 Questions

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Jane Fonda talks men, sex advice and that notorious North Vietnam photograph.

In this week’s issue of TIME (available here for subscribers), editor-at-large Belinda Luscombe sits down with actress Jane Fonda to discuss her new book, Prime Time, as well as the life lessons she’s learned in her 73 years.

Jane on that North Vietnam photo: “That picture was a terrible mistake, and I’m prepared to apologize for it until I go to my grave.”

Jane on good sex: “I see people who aren’t traditionally beautiful, but they’re having good sex, you can tell.”

Jane on the leotard from her famous ’80s workout video: “I just found it. wan in the back of a storage room. I’m so happy.”

Jane on the best type of alpha men: “I’ve never been turned on to a man who couldn’t teach me new things.”

For the rest of Fonda’s answers, check out the full article here.