Groovy, Baby! Mike Myers Will Return for ‘Austin Powers 4’

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Cue the bad teeth and cheesy pick-up lines, because he’s back, baby.

Now would be a good time to dust off the Jag and send the crushed velvet suit to the cleaners. Because the International Man of Mystery has to look stylish while he battles evil – Dr. Evil, that is – in the fourth installment of the Austin Powers series.

HitFix reported Friday that Mike Myers inked a deal to reprise the role as the flamboyant Brit. But that’s about all they knew. There was no word yet on a storyline or even a director – though Jay Roach would be a solid bet, as he’s helmed each Powers film thus far.

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Myers has been relatively silent on the silver screen over the past few years, and at his loudest he helmed a number of less-than-successful movies, even winning a Razzie for Worst Actor in 2008’s The Love Guru.

Perhaps a fourth Austin Powers film will help catapult him back into Hollywood’s good graces. The franchise has been a box office stalwart, with the second two Powers flicks sitting pretty in the top 200 grossing U.S. films of all time, each earning more than $200 million in domestic theaters.  It’s surprising, then, that the third film Goldmember was released in 2002, and nary a word has been heard about Mr. Powers since.

But with the signing of this deal, it looks like Austin Powers has his mojo back. Yeah, baby!

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