America’s Unfunniest Home Videos: The Nation’s Least Funny States

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YouTube / 999crypticAFV

It appears Washington D.C. and Rhode Island should start practicing their jetski falls and pool dive fails.

America’s Funniest Home Videos has a monopoly over the nation’s hilarious spontaneous moments. But it turns out some states keep cranking out the funny, and others are simply duds.

Each week, the show’s studio audience crowns a winner, a family from Anytown U.S.A. who’s submitted the most hilarious video. The show has seen hundreds of thousands of submissions in their 21-year history, but shockingly, some states have yet to bring home a winner.

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America’s Funniest Home Videos has ranked the least funny states by the number of wins – the lack of them, that is.

  1. Washington, D.C. – 0 Wins
  2. Rhode Island – 1 Win
  3. Alaska – 2 Wins
  4. North Dakota – 2 Wins
  5. Vermont – 3 Wins
  6. Wyoming – 3 Wins

Okay, we notice a trend. The fewest wins have come from some of the least populous states. In fact, AFV notes that D.C. has only sent in 404 videos in the show’s history. Compare that to California, which bested the District by more than 250 times: Golden State residents have sent in more than 100,000 tapes. So, while risking being called “too serious,” we think AFV ought to compare submissions to population numbers. But hey, that would ruin the fun, right?

Don’t get us wrong, holding the title of American’s Funniest Home Video (for one week, at least) is no Olympic medal, but we’d at least think that every state would have fair representation. After all, hilarity knows no state boundaries. So get filming, D.C. and Rhode Island.

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