Entourage Recap: To Pee or Not to Pee, That Is the Question

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The latest episode of Entourage centered on whether Vince would pass a mandatory drug test that, if he failed, could land him back in jail. This being Entourage, though, we were never really that worried.

When we left off last week, movie producer/train wreck Carl Earnst had just shot himself in a cocaine-fueled meltdown with Vince and Turtle on the other side of his bathroom door. We picked up this week with Vince and the boys dealing with the fallout, which included what we can only imagine were pretty accurate depictions of paparazzi packs chasing Vince to the police station. When he got there, his lawyer informed him that because there were drugs in the house, Vince’s probation officer wanted a drug test. No problem, right?

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Not exactly. When E drove Vince home, Vince informed him that there might be a problem: he smoked a joint the previous week. Vince explained that the rehab sessions were helpful, but he resented being told that he was an addict. He smoked the joint, he told E, to prove to himself that he didn’t need drugs. While this may have been some attempt to comment on rehab programs, it didn’t exactly hit the mark; doing drugs to prove you don’t have to do drugs seems like a stupid idea.

Vince and E had a heart to heart guy moment and E told him they would think of something. That something involved a home drug test (which Vince failed), system-cleansing remedies such as drinking vinegar (which Vince couldn’t stomach), and finally Vince walked out to see Billy Walsh, the wunderkind film director who beat his own addictions to become the show’s real redemption story.

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Suddenly, we had a perfect opportunity to discuss the nature of consequences, paying for mistakes and second (or in this case, third) chances. But let’s be honest: this is Entourage after all, and Billy set Vince up with a device that includes clean urine and a fake penis so he can pass his drug test. But Vince had another heart to heart with E in the police station bathroom and agreed that the consequences of getting caught trying to cheat were much worse than just failing a drug test. Vince agreed to take the test and let the chips fall where they may.

Meanwhile across town, Ari took Dana Gordon on a date to Bobby Flay’s restaurant in an effort to piss off Flay and Mrs. Ari. It blew up in his face and Ari lost Dana, and probably his wife, in the process. While we were pretty sure the fling with Dana wouldn’t last, it’s a shame to see her go. Ari showed up at Vince’s place just in time for the call to come in. Surprise! Vince passed, but gained a newfound sense of urgency to do something great. The catalyst that will carry us through the rest of the season seems to have been born from a barely (and illegally) passed drug test. But given the boys’ record in the past, we really wouldn’t expect anything else.

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