New Invention Puts Your Least Favorite Celebrities on Mute

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Had enough of Michele Bachmann? Mute. Can’t stand Donald Trump? Mute. Just want Snooki to go away? Mute.

Matt Richardson has launched the Enough Already project, a new invention that allows TVs to automatically mute whenever your least favorite people pop on TV.

“I’m getting a sick of hearing about the same people on TV over and over and over again,” Richardson said.

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The mechanism is reportedly very simple to make (thought at NewsFeed, we’re still scratching our heads a bit over all that code). Richardson combines an Arduino board and a video experimenter shield to look at the closed-captioning, scanning for names you can input yourself that you don’t want to hear about. The mechanism uses an infrared beam to send a “mute” command to your television for thirty seconds. If the name is mentioned again within thirty seconds, the TV will stay muted. That happens repeatedly until they stop mentioning He-or-She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Once thirty seconds go by, the sound turns back on automatically.

The setup has other uses, as well. Commenters on the how-to video thought of using a similar device to block commercials, change channels, or censor inappropriate material.

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