Search Crews Find Body Near Niagara Falls, But Not the One They Were Looking For

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This story isn’t getting any better. While authorities were searching for the body of a woman who fell into the water near Niagara Falls they instead found another body, one of a man no less.

One of the Erie County Sheriff’s helicopter crewmen spotted the body in the whirlpool below the falls, according to the New York Daily News, while looking for the body of a Japanese student who fell on Sunday evening.

The young woman, believed to be 19 years old, was visiting the Canadian side of the falls from Toronto, Ontario. According to the Toronto Star, she straddled a railing and held onto an umbrella while Horseshoe Falls rushed below her, talking and taking photos with her friend. When she attempted to climb back over the railing, she slipped and fell about 190 feet into the river, about 80 feet from the brink of the falls.

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The power of the current swept her toward the falls and crews have spent days searching for the body.

While the realization of a different body is thought to be unrelated, it illustrates the perils of the falls during the hopping tourist season. Just on Sunday morning, an Ontario man climbed over a railing and fell into the gorge, fracturing his leg and requiring search and rescue personnel to pull him out.

The male remains unidentified and the female’s name hasn’t been released, as police worked with the Japanese consulate to notify her family.

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