Triple Double Oreo Arrives, Begins Attack on America’s Waistline

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PWR New Media / Nabisco

Nabisco has just introduced the Triple Double Oreo, a new variety of the classic bestselling cookie with two layers of Oreo crème (one chocolate, one vanilla) and three Oreo cookies.  The Triple Double is a new variation on a product introduced in Argentina in 2008:  the Oreo x3 (“Por Tres”), which also combines three cookies and two layers of crème.

As if a massively gluttonous Oreo wouldn’t promote itself, the company has enlisted Team DSRL (Double Stuf Racing League) to endorse the product.  Since 2008, the squadron of Shaquille O’Neal, Eli Manning, Venus Williams, and Apolo Ohno has competed in DSRL “lick races”, head-to-head competitions to see who can twist an Oreo open, lick off all the crème, dunk it in milk and then consume the cookie and the milk the fastest. No, seriously, they’ve been doing that.

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Shaq calls the Triple Double a “gamechanger” in a press release, but NewsFeed thinks that “gutbuster” might be more appropriate.  With each cookie weighing in at 100 calories, it’s not exactly health food.

Surprisingly, this is not the most decadent Oreo cookie that’s ever been launched.  The Big Stuf Oreo, which was discontinued in 1991, packed 316 calories into one cookie.

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