Watch: Daredevil Climbs Germany’s Tallest Mountain By Walking on Cable

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Joerg Koch / AP

Hold your breath. He has neither a balancing pole nor safety net below.

Inching on a two-inch-thick car cable, Swiss tightrope artist Freddy Nock conquered the 9,000-foot high Zugspitze Mountain in one hour and 20 minutes.

‘I don’t want to do it again, not without a balancing pole,” Nock told the told the Telegraph after the stunt. “It was exhausting. My feet are still shaking.”

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Despite the interview, the Zugspitze feat was only the first of his seven week-long challenges. On this 46-year-old daredevil’s checklist for the week are the seven summits in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The varying courses include an incline, a downward cable, and a walk across 2 mile-wide lake in Jungfraujoch. He will even attempt to bike across some of the cables.

Knock will enter his accomplishment in the Guinness Book of Records for the “longest and highest wire walk above sea level without a balancing pole” and for conquering seven summits in a week.

Through his life-risking feat, Knock hopes to raise money for UNICEF. In 2009 he had climbed the same German mountain but with a balancing pole and raised $19,000 for a German organization that supports rural development projects in Ethiopia.

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