Travel Bookshop from ‘Notting Hill’ Movie Is Closing

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Hiking shoes on top of travel books

Even being an iconic part of rom-com history — and a big tourist attraction — isn’t keeping yet another beloved small bookstore from meeting its end.

The Travel Bookshop was where Will (Hugh Grant) worked and met movie star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) in Notting Hill. The 1999 movie turned the store into a tourist hot spot, regardless of the fact that the scenes were not exactly filmed in the store, but in a nearby space with recreated interiors. Details, details.

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But financial difficulties — public records from last year show a loss and hefty debts — are forcing the store’s owners to close after failing to find a buyer.

The shop is slated to close on September 4, according to its Facebook page, and everything is heavily marked down right now. But, like William’s posse of friends and family who wouldn’t let him give up on Anna, supporters of the store are rallying a campaign to save it from demise. The group, made up of writers, is organizing for volunteers to help run the store for free if it finds a buyer. (via Guardian)

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