Flirting in Phoenix: America’s Best Cities for Single Women

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For the men who wonder, “Where are all the single ladies?” has the answer: Away from unattached men like you.

Having already ranked the top 10 cities for single men earlier this year, CBS MoneyWatch has rounded up the Top 10 Cities for Single Women, using housing data and research from to understand what today’s single women are looking for when searching for a place to settle down,  and how their needs differ from that of male renters. (And to be clear, it seems like CBS Moneywatch mainly focused on heterosexual singles.)

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Only 17% of female renters surveyed are looking for single guys as their neighbors; 25% of women would rather live next door to a cat or dog rather than a potential date. Maybe that’s not so surprising—who wants to have awkward run-ins down the hall with a failed fling? Men, it seems; 45% of single male renters desire proximity to single women. According to survey results, men are more likely to pay for more for convenience. Who would have thought?

For 57% of single women, affordability and home value are the top priorities when searching for a place to call home. More than a third of single women are renters, and most of them enjoy having their own space — only 9% of single females live with a roommate.

The Top 10 list favors the West Coast and the Southwest, and considers factors like high single male-to-female ratio, low divorce rate, low cost of living, and active nightlife. Phoenix, Arizona takes the top spot—a city with a low cost of living, sunny weather, and where 30% of the population consists of single men ready to mingle. Next up is Seattle, where female renters flock for a more robust employment climate; Austin and Denver make the list for their lively nightlife scenes and favorable gender ratios. New York comes in at number 9, but the gender odds aren’t as great as they are in San Jose and the greater tech capital of Silicon Valley, which clocks in at number 10.

While the top city for single men—Houston—is nowhere to be found on the female list, there are a few cities that are favorable to both genders. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and DC are all prime spots for both single ladies and gents looking to find settle down and find like-minded single professionals. (via Yahoo Real Estate)

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