Is Virginia For Lovers? Hardly — Try Alaska Instead

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Since 1969, we’ve believed that Virginia was the lovers’ state, thanks to a misleading tourism campaign. Turns out, we’ve been wrong all along.

In an attempt to determine the “sultriest state”, Mental Floss has looked at the data across six sexy categories — birth rate, marriage rate, wine sales, cut flower sales, bed and breakfasts, and Marvin Gaye listens — to see which state tops the lists.

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For the full effect of Mental Floss‘s findings, you really need to check out their great chart, but here are a few highlights:

The Most Baby-loving State: Utah has the highest birthrate, with 20.3 births per 1,000 people.

The Most Marriage-loving State: Nevada has the most marriages, with 40.9 unions per 1,000 people. (We wonder what percentage of those are in Vegas.)

The Most Wine-loving State: New Hampshire is apparently full of lushes, with 6.26 gallons of wine consumed per capita.

The Most Flower-loving State: Hawaii wins this category.

The Most Bed and Breakfast-loving State: Alaska has the most B&Bs in the country.

The Most Marvin Gaye-loving State: Nebraskans listen to the sexy crooner more than anyone else, according to

Overall Loviest State: Alaska is the true state state for lovers, with Virginia coming in at number 17. (For shame, Virginia!)

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