Jim Carrey Sends a Creepy Video Love Letter to Emma Stone

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Jim Carrey has professed his love for Emma Stone in a strange new video letter.

In a close-up confessional, middle-aged Carrey recounts his creepy affection for 22-year-old Stone, who’s recently hit it big thanks to movies like The Help and Easy A. He posted the video to his website, jimcarreytrulife.com, but it’s since spread all over the Internet.

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Parts of his message are definitely sweet, like when he calls her “all the way beautiful” or wishes her “love and contentment.” But there’s a lot of straight-up creepiness there, too, like his face’s proximity to the camera, his reference to how long it takes him to urinate and the mouthed “I love you” at the end.

While Carrey has admitted on Twitter that the video was just a comedy routine, he also says that everything he said “is tru.” If it looks and sounds like a stalker video, and it’s from Jim Carrey, does that make it more or less creepy? (Answer: more.) However, Stone seems like an easygoing girl with a sense of humor, so he’s pretty much guaranteed to love it. Or at least say publicly that she does.

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