Old Navy’s Grammar Gets Sent to the Back of the Class

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College T-shirt: $19.94.  Careless grammatical error: Priceless.

Punctuation has become a casualty in Old Navy’s just-launched line of collegiate clothing.  The collection, branded “Superfan Nation,” features a line of T-shirts promoting college sports teams, as well as NFL franchises.  However, all the collegiate tees read “Lets go!!” minus the necessary apostrophe (though they did manage to throw in an extra exclamation point.)  How no one caught the error throughout the design and production process remains unexplained.

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SuperFan Nation is a collaboration between the affordable clothing company and over 70 college athletic organizations.  For universities, it’s a chance for their merchandise to reach a wider audience, while Old Navy gets to draw on established team names and fan bases.  Old Navy plans to create dedicated in-store SuperFan sections that are tailored to local teams and offer fan gear for the whole family.

For now, the faulty shirts remain for sale on the store’s website, though Old Navy told the Huffington Post, “We’re sorry about the error in some of our SuperFan Nation graphic t-shirts.  To ensure Old Navy customers can enjoy this collection fully, we’re replacing the faulty tees at our stores and online as soon as possible.”

While it’s an embarrassingly public gaffe, we’re guessing your tailgating buddies at Syracuse or Louisville might not care come gameday.

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Allison Berry is a contributor at TIME.  You can continue the discussion on TIME’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @TIME.