Intrepid Reporter Gives Irene Update Covered in Sea Foam

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As the hurricane brought rough surf to Ocean City, Md., one reporter tasted Irene’s fury.

No, that’s not the boogeyman. That’s Washington D.C. reporter Tucker Barnes, covered in sea foam flooding over the seawall in the oceanfront Maryland town. As Irene’s winds stirred up the Atlantic Ocean, the crashing waves flooded the Ocean City boardwalk with an unprecedented green substance that neither reporter nor producers could identify.

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But one thing was for certain: the foam kept coming and coming. Barnes noted during his report that it was most likely organic matter – plankton, perhaps – that had been washed in from the sea. As he powered through his report, it appears the FOX anchors were more distracted by the foam than he was. “It doesn’t taste great,” he reported matter-of-factly, describing its sandy, soapy consistency. But it’s not something you’d want to bathe in, to be sure.

We’re sure a shower – of the indoor and warm variety – never felt so good for Barnes.

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