Japanese Company Orders All Staff to Get the Same Haircut

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This sort of brings the concept of the staff uniform to a whole new level.

The Japanese construction company Maeda Corp. has requested that all of its 2700 employees get the same haircut in the name of saving the environment. The company believes that if all of its employees have short hair — bobs with bangs for women and short on the sides and back for the men — the overall consumption of energy will be reduced.

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“We are not sure of the data yet, but we believe if people have short hair they do not need to use their hair driers for so long and they will use less water,” Chizuru Inoue, a spokesman for Maeda Corp., told the Telegraph.

Japan’s government has asked that individuals and companies make efforts to be more conscientious about the amounts of energy they use in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear power plant near-disaster. However, Maeda Corp.’s request seems more than a little odd. Perhaps this is the company’s way of telling its staff that their look just isn’t really working for them.

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