Sleep Easy For The Right Price: London Hotel Offers Insomnia Package

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This could be good news for insomniacs with deep pockets. A London hotel is offering a package for those who toss and turn.

The Milestone Hotel in Kensington has introduced what they call the Sound Sleep Experience package, which includes a session with a “deep sleep coach,” a spa treatment and a list of sleeping tips. Sounds lovely, but does it work?

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Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway wrote that she battles with insomnia, so she visited the hotel to test out the sleep package. After meeting with the hotel’s sleep coach, Tej Samani, and being briefed on brain waves, Kellaway was given a hot stone massage and instructed to “loaf” about before going to bed earlier than usual in her luxurious suite. And did the package result in a good night’s sleep?

Kellaway reports that she “woke groggy but happy in [her] gold bed”, but also admits that she’d needed a chemical aid to actually help her nod off. But with the cost of the hotel suite — at about $1600 a night — perhaps it was the cost of that night’s sleep that was keeping her awake.

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