Will Clean Teeth for Food? Chicago Eatery Accepts Bartering

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Natalie Behring/Bloomberg Photo/Getty

There are all kinds of ways to find a bargain. Coupons. Groupons. Ebay. Craigslist. And when finances are tight, it pays to get creative.

Times are hard — but one Chicago restaurant will accept everyday services in lieu of hard cash. Fireside Restaurant and Lounge uses bartering websites like ITEX and International Monetary System to trade with customers who might happen to be personal trainers and dentists who have a service to offer in exchange for food.

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The restaurant’s owner Richard Wohn estimates that 5%-10% of his business, or an average of five tables per night, comes from bartering. These might include furniture for the restaurant, services or even vacation packages. An electrician might give a estimate through one of the websites for the repairs Wohn needs, and the owner will offer meal credits in return.

So far, the restaurant has scored new floors, tables, an ice cream cooler and even custom chocolates through the system. All that in exchange for ribs and pastas. Sounds like a win-win.  (via GOOD)

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