Flight of Fancy: Soar Through the Sea on Richard Branson’s Flying Submarine

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Courtesy Virgin

The Necker Nymph. It's a flying submarine. Seriously.

Having conquered the airwaves (Virgin Mobile), skies (Virgin Airlines) and even beyond the atmosphere (Virgin Galactic), what’s left but the seas? And you can ride in style on the Virgin founder’s flying submarine.

It’s clear Richard Branson has too many toys when he starts lending them out to us, the adoring and enthused public. That’s because his playthings are always futuristic – and often completely inconceivable. Case in point: his latest invention available to the public, the Necker Nymph.

(Q&A: Virgin Founder Richard Branson)

Described as an underwater aircraft, the Necker Nymph comes in tandem with the Necker Belle, Branson’s catamaran on the high seas. But the Nymph allows boaters to get low, flying underneath the water to depths of 30 meters (98 feet). Helmed by a trained pilot, it soars at a speed of 6 knots (7 mph).  There’s room for two passengers who must wear SCUBA gear as the vessel glides through the Caribbean Sea to ensure you won’t be out of breath – except for the sights, of course.

It’s housed at Necker Island, Branson’s luxury home in the Caribbean – the same one that indeed recently burned down. For your luxury living pleasure, the Necker Nymph is currently on special, renting for $2,500 a day until the end of the year. (Though we sincerely hope it’s not a fire sale.)

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