Reading While Eating for August 31: Blinding Me With Science

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David Moir / Reuters

The Earl of Glasgow, Patrick Boyle (L), and his son David, the Viscount Kelburn, look at paintings on the walls of Kelburn Castle in Scotland. Boyle, the owner of the castle, has written to Historic Scotland asking if the mural, which was completed by Brazillian graffiti artists in 2007, can be kept after a three-year time limit

Wednesday’s links get all nerdy, with talk of cool apps and new takes on science.

Once Upon a Tablet: The Infinite Adventure Machine is an iPad app that creates random folk tales. Talk about a 21st-century spin on bedtime stories. (Boing Boing)

Amazing Art: We’re still not sure how this works, but one Stanford graduate student is capturing photographs onto leaves, by just using chlorophyll and light. (Flavorwire)

Weird Science: As he hits the campaign trail, aiming for the GOP nomination for president, Rick Perry may have to defend some serious scientific missteps. (Healthland)

Hipster Hurricane: You can do more with an iPhone camera than just post pictures of your cat on Facebook. Check out these great shots of Hurricane Irene’s aftermath using the Instagram app. (LIFE)

Not for the Squeamish: A man miraculously is doing fine after falling, eye-first, onto a pair of pruning shears. Check out the crazy X-ray photo. (The Daily What)

Hot Waves: Surfer Bruce Irons catches a wave, as usual — but with a flare attached to the back of his board. The visual result is stunning. (Gizmodo)