Meet the Godfather: Wendi Deng Reveals Just How Close Tony Blair Is to the Murdochs

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Will Ragozzino / Getty Images

Wendi Deng and daughter Grace.

From a tiger-wife stint to a TMI interview, Wendi Deng has certainly been making headlines recently.

Rupert Murdoch’s wife — who famously leaped to her husband’s defense when a prankster tried to shove a shaving-cream pie in the tycoon’s face at a parliament hearing — dropped a potentially damning bombshell in an upcoming interview with Vogue, when she revealed just how close she and her husband are to Tony Blair. Calling Britain’s former prime minister one of her husband’s closest friends, Deng also noted that the politician is godfather to the couple’s second youngest daughter Grace and was present at the baptism of two of their children in Jordan.

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Feeble Marlon Brando jokes aside, this revelation isn’t likely to bode well for Blair, who has previously treated his relationship with Murdoch as distant. In the wake of the phone-hacking scandal that has waylaid the careers of both private detectives and News Corp. staff, any cozying up between Murdoch and a politician is bound to be viewed through a suspicious lens.

And though the attention doesn’t look that great for Murdoch either, NewsFeed is sure the media mogul isn’t that upset with his wife. After all, she nearly took a pie for him.

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