Introducing the 18-Karat Gold ‘Divorce Ring’

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Spritzer and Furman

Another expense to tack on to the already high-priced process of divorce: ugly jewelry.

Just what we need: a $3,200 reminder that marriages fail.

Divorcees with deep pockets can now wear an 18-karat gold “divorce ring,” but it’s doubtful the band will ever be as popular as the act of divorce itself.

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First off, it’s $3,200. Second, it looks like gold plastic. Third, most people want to forget about their divorce, not make an expensive purchase that serves as a daily reminder of it.

The symbolic ring by Spritzer and Furman is set with four full-cut diamonds and a center trillon diamond, but the design doesn’t quite match the hefty hardware. In fact, it was described on The Stir, a Cafe Mom blog, as “something a Power Ranger would wear on a date.”

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