Tumblr of the Week: TIME on Tumblr

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If you’ll forgive us a bit of self-promotion, we must say that we think TIME’s latest Internet venture is pretty special.

Yes, this week’s Tumblr highlights the launch of our very own TIME on Tumblr — a behind-the-scenes collection of stories, letters and little-known facts about the magazine. Because, as the description reads, “You’re already well-informed about the news. Now be well-informed about TIME.”

This is the place where you’ll be able to discover TIME’s early contribution to today’s gossip industry and the ways in which certain well-known figures reacted to TIME’s stories about them. It’s also the place where you can ask TIME anything you want (though, like most Tumblrs, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a response).

The Tumblr just launched Tuesday but check it out, follow along and find out what (other than the news) makes TIME tick.

Megan Gibson is a reporter at TIME. Find her on Twitter at @MeganJGibson. You can also continue the discussion on TIME’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @TIME.

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