Chinese Theme Park Opens ‘Angry Birds’ Attraction

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China Daily / Reuters

The Window of the World amusement park in Changsha, China recently opened an Angry Birds attraction as part of its month-long “stress-reducing festival.”

Visitors to the new attraction use giant slingshots to launch plush-toy birds into the air at pig balloons. Although the Angry Birds game was created by Finnish company Rovio, the new playground is located in the Window of the World’s American Zone, near a scaled down version of Mt. Rushmore. Angry Birds has been purchased by millions across the globe, making Rovio’s app one of the most popular ever. The attraction at the Chinese park, however, is not licensed by Rovio, which led to speculation that a lawsuit could be on the horizon.

But PC World reports that rather than threaten a lawsuit, Rovio has started negotiations with the park to possibly set up a long-term partnership. A stress-reducing attraction available year-round? Bring it on.

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