Fashion Friday: Bridal Sneakers and Other Style Scoop

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Courtesy Vouelle

These sneakers are made for ultimate comfort while standing on the altar -- and hopefully not for running away from it.

NewsFeed’s Feifei Sun rounds up the brilliant and bizarre from this week in fashion.

White from Head to Toe. A company in Paris is offering “bridal sneakers,” made with white satin. Vouelle CEO Regan de Vogele said, “A lot of brides buy them to wear them on the morning of their wedding, when they’re getting their hair done and they’re wearing their white Juicy sweatpants.” And when they’re running away from the altar? Sorry, bad joke. [The Cut]

Introducing the Blow Dry Concept Bar. There’s a new salon in New York City that offers only blowouts—no cuts, no color. On the menu are five styles: Straight Up, Mai Tai, Southern Comfort, Cosmopolitan and Manhattan. None involve alcohol. Or so we think. [DryBar]

First Look. Rihanna’s new ad for Armani Jeans makes its debut. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

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Kardashian, Inc. Before she made money launching a line of every. possible. thing. ever., Kim Kardashian raked in $12,600 on eBay as a teen selling rare fashion items. [Fashionista]

Going Grey. Hussein Chalayan, famous for designs that literally transform on the runway, takes it down a notch with his new ready-to-wear line. [Grazia]

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