Drunk Moose Gets Stuck in an Apple Tree. And There’s Photographic Evidence.

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Per Johansson / AP

A seemingly intoxicated moose is discovered entangled in an apple tree near Goteborg, Sweden late Tuesday Sept. 6 2011.

Hey, it happens to the best of us. We just hope he had a fun night prior to this unfortunate walk of shame.

Sometimes there are those stories that are just too bizarre to not read. We can’t vouch for the news value in this story. But the photo is truly epic.

Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words, but here’s just a few more to explain this utterly bizarre occurrence.

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The moose apparently got drunk off of fermented apples in Per Johannson’s neighborhood in Saro, Sweden. Johannson had just returned from work Wednesday when he heard a loud bellowing from his neighbors’ yard. They weren’t having a party, nor was it the air conditioning clicking on. When Johannson went to check it out, he found the moose tangled in the tree, grasping futilely at the still-dangling apples.

When fire authorities arrived, they bent the tree to allow the intoxicated elk to slide off the limb – where it promptly collapsed to the ground and napped off its drunkenness. Johannson did tell The Local that the moose was gone by morning, though we’d be hardly surprised if it returned later for another tipple.

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