Relentless Ringer: Woman Called Ex-Boyfriend 65,000 Times in One Year

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Even debt collectors or telemarketers aren’t this persistent. Thankfully.

No surprise here: a Dutch woman is charged with stalking after placing an extreme number of phone calls to her former lover. The 42-year-old allegedly called her ex-boyfriend 65,000 times in a single year.

She received no answer until last week – but it wasn’t the 62-year-old man that responded – it was the authorities. They arrested the woman in her Rotterdam home, finding her among several cell phones and computers she may have used to place the harassing phone calls.

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According to a Hague court spokeswoman, she argued to judges that the number of phone calls wasn’t excessive. That plea will be easily disproven. To make 65,000 calls in a year, she’d have to ring him up 1,250 times a week, 178 times per day. That equals one call every 8 minutes, without sleep. Excessive? Who’s counting?

Needless to say, the court ordered her not to contact the man again. Think that will stop her, though? We’re not so optimistic.

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