Sept. 11 Memorial Misspells Victim’s Name

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Don Emmert / Getty Images

The 10-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks was commemorated with a memorial site featuring waterfalls surrounded by bronze panels etched with the names of the 2,983 people who died in the attacks. One of those names, unfortunately, is incorrect.

In an unfortunate mistake, the name of one of the victims honored on the 9/11 memorial wall at the World Trade Center site was misspelled. The victim was Jeffrey Schreier, who was an employee at Cantor Fitzgerald, the company which lost the most staff on September 11. However, Schreier’s first name reads as “Jeffery” — apparently due to a mistake entered into a database and then later etched onto the bronze panel. It was Schreier’s sister, Janice Hart, who discovered the mistake.

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“This is the only place we could go to have some solace, and to see his name engraved incorrectly was very distressing to us,” Hart told NBC. (Schreier body was never recovered.)

A spokesman for the 9/11 memorial has said that people are working quickly to correct the error. “We are extremely sorry for the pain this mistake has caused Jeffrey’s family,” Michael Frazier told the New York Times in an email. “As soon as we found out about this error, we began working on how to make it right, and we’re engaged with our fabricators, contractors and the architect to do so.”

It’s unclear how long the fix will take.

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