Watch: Group of Strangers Lifts Burning Car Off Injured Man

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Here’s your heartwarming, awe-inspiring video of the day — or, perhaps, the month.

This short clip was taken by a college videographer, Chris Garff, and shows the tense aftermath of a car/motorcycle crash that took place near his Utah State University campus. The video starts just after the collision and opens with a group of bystanders realizing there’s someone trapped under the smoking 4,000-pound car, as the motorcycle lies engulfed in flames nearby.

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As the crowd around the car grows, we see them begin to work together to lift the vehicle and pull the man free. That man is 21-year-old college student Brandon Wright, who was the driver of the motorcycle. The AP reports that Wright had been heading to a school computer lab when a BMW had pulled out of a parking lot in front of him and he’d laid the bike down, before skidding underneath the car. As the vehicles came to a stop, they both burst into flames.

As you can see in the thrilling video, the determined onlookers quickly banded together to lift the car and pull Wright free. According to AP, Wright is in “satisfactory condition” with two broken legs and pelvis, and plenty of road rash. Luckily, he has no head trauma, despite the fact that he wasn’t wearing a helmet, and is expected to recover.

Not only is it a gripping clip — and it’s great that Wright will be okay — it’s also nice that a viral video can remind us how great people can be. All around, it’s a September miracle!

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