‘Dirty Dancing’ Spices Up Facebook With Social Game

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Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Dirty Dancing is hitting Facebook, and it’s more exciting than just hitting “Like” on a fan page.

Lionsgate is bringing the film to the social networking platform in the form of a game based on the classic film. The Dirty Dancing fan page has surprised the studio with its popularity, boasting over 10.9 million fans, standing as the ninth most popular movie fan page on Facebook.

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The game, created by Social Game Universe, sends players off to build up Kellerman’s resort—tennis courts, activities and dance shows. Players of the game act as caretakers of the resort and play Cupid by launching “romance waves” to get their guests to fall in love, while the soundtrack of the seminal dance film sets the mood.

Users can choose either Baby or Johnny to act as their guide throughout the game, helping them along as they build up the resort by decorating and adding more features for guests. Money is earned by performing tasks like convincing a guest to stay longer at the resort by finding them romance, and currency is represented by watermelons.  (Do note, however, that watermelons= Facebook credits= your money.)

“By enabling players to partner with their Facebook friends to generate love and romance at Kellerman’s, they can add their own unique spin to the game, creating a different social experience for each player,” said Nathon Gunn, CEO of Social Game Universe.

Lionsgate announced last month that it will be remaking Dirty Dancing, slated for a 2013 release. The film will be directed by Kenny Ortega, who choreographed the original film, as well as the High School Musical franchise.

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