Reading While Eating for September 19: Actors and Animals

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Mark Blinch / Reuters

New York Yankees' Brett Gardner jumps against a camera advertisement to try to catch a home run hit by Toronto Blue Jays' Adam Lind

Monday’s links start the week with cute puppies and cartoon characters.

Photographic Path: After 9/11, one photographer moved to Pakistan and began a 10-year odyssey in the Middle East. See the results of her decade abroad. (TIME)

Nutrition Nonsense: A McDonald’s might not be the most obvious choice in a children’s hospital cafeteria. But for cash-strapped medical centers, it’s easy money. (Salon)

Global Gestures: Traveling abroad and need to learn how to be rude? Here’s how to flip people off in different languages. (The Atlantic)

Simpsons Spat: When then-First Lady Barbara Bush called The Simpsons “stupid,” cartoon matriarch Marge Simpson didn’t take it laying down. (The Daily What)

Famous Fun: Celebrities get to wear gorgeous gowns, win fancy trophies and then party with one another. No fair. (LIFE)

Dog Hop: And now, a public service announcement. There is a Guinness World Record for dogs jumping rope. This is the record holder. (Jezebel)