Reading While Eating for September 20: Ask, Tell

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Sergio Moraes / Reuters

A woman walks near brooms placed by members of Rio de Paz (Peace Rio) at Copacabana beach as a form of protest in Rio de Janeiro. A total of 594 brooms, which represent the number of congressmen in the country, were placed at the beach to symbolize the need to 'sweep off' corruption in the Brazilian National Congress

Tuesday’s links talk “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and give an inside look at a big political feud.

Military Milestone: Today marks the end of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. In a Q&A, one active duty Air Force officer discusses living life in the closet in the military. (Battleland)

Richie Rich: It seems like the only time someone mentions money in the trillions, it’s about government debt. But how long will it take until a single person becomes a trillionaire? (Slate)

Political Push: Though the two Texas governors have plenty in common, a reported feud has long been brewing between Rick Perry and George W. Bush. (The Week)

Wise Words: In an interview in 1971, Muhammad Ali gives a prophetic statement when asked if he’d like to be the President. (The Daily What)

How You Doin’: These three YouTube stars may be the greatest pickup artists of our time. (Salon)

Cheers: Get your steins ready! As Oktoberfest kicks off, take a look at the German festival, then and now. (LIFE)

Nope, Chuck Testa: A commercial, created by the IFC show Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings, quickly has gone viral. Why? You’ll figure it out. (Viral Viral Videos)